GREENVILLE ZOO, Greenville, SC: Enjoy an afternoon Safari and the adjacent park system.

Greenville County Zoo, 150 Cleveland Park Dr. Greenville, SC - entrance view

Entrance signage for the Greenville Zoo, located on north side of Cleveland Park, Greenville, SC

Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC - farm animals
Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC - African Overlook
Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC - map

Farm animals area in Greenville Zoo, Greenville SC

"African Overlook" section in the Greenville Zoo, Greenville, SC

Map of the Greenville Zoo, Greenville, SC

Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC thumbnail
Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC thumbnail
Greenville County Zoo, Greenville, SC thumbnail

GREENVILLE ZOO: An Afternoon Safari

Located near downtown Greenville, SC – the Greenville Zoo features a number of large animal exhibits. Elephants and giraffes are two of the more popular attractions. The zoo also provides a lot of educational opportunities for the children and residents of Greenville County, SC.

The Greenville Zoo is a popular attraction in Greenville, SC. Located in Cleveland Park on a 14 acre lot – the zoo is a wonderful place for families to spend an afternoon visiting the many animals who reside at the zoo. Cleveland Park also provides plenty of green space for picnics and play as well as a number of bicycle and walking paths to enjoy. Located near downtown Greenville – the zoo is relatively close to a number of other popular attractions and areas like Falls Park on the Reedy and the West End Market.
A number of different animal attractions are located in the Greenville Zoo. Among the more popular are Joy and Ladybird – the African elephants. The elephants were joined recently in the African exhibit by two Masai Giraffes – Walter and Autumn. Walter was born in 2005 at the San Diego Zoo and Autumn was born in 2006 at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Along with the elephants and giraffes in the African exhibit are some lions and other smaller African animals.
The primate exhibit at the Greenville Zoo features a male Bornean Orangutan who was born at the zoo in January of 2006. The orangutan toddler is named Bob – and is a fun attraction for the kids to watch as he is learning to swing and is steadily becoming more adventurous.
The zoo runs a number of school programs for the Greenville School District – hosting various field trips and classes for students of all ages. They also run a popular ‘Zoo Camp’ which allows kids an insiders’ look into the animals’ lives and daily running of the Greenville Zoo.
Another popular program that the zoo runs is the kids’ birthday program. The zoo hosts birthday parties for kids ages 4 – 11 which includes invitations and supplies, a special animal talk, and plenty of games and activities for the kids. For 15 children, the package is only $190 dollars and will create some great memories for the children attending.
The ‘Zoo Tots’ program is geared toward toddlers aged 2 – 3. Snacks and arts and crafts introduce the little ones to the animals that live at the zoo – and gives parents a chance to help their children learn about the animals that the kids have read about up to this point.
Open seven days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM, the Greenville zoo is open year round and costs $6 for adults and $3 for children 3 and over. Not a large zoo – the Greenville zoo is easily visited in half a day, and allows plenty of time for families to explore other parts of Greenville, SC.

Updated: Dec., 2012

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